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When we think of Nepal, we might picture its highest mountains, rolling hills, expeditions, trekking, and other extreme sports that are out of reach for the average person or an elderly person. However, Nepal’s scope extends somewhat farther; beyond these boundaries, the country is Sacred for Hindus and Buddhist. Located away in the shadow of the towering Himalayas, Nepal calls out with its sacred charm, offering individuals seeking peace of mind with an unparalleled feeling of inner renewal. This Religious Tour Nepal includes visits to many temples, numerous tourist attractions, and holy sites like Pasupatinath temple, Tal Barahi, and Muktinath.


Your journey starts in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, where centuries-old traditions blend peacefully with modern lifestyles. You will experience the heavenly atmosphere of the devoted Pashupatinath Temple here. A shrine regarded in esteem by Hindus all throughout the world. Observe the sacred rituals, be the part of Aarati and let the devotional aura to fill your spirit. We additionally offer a chance to visit the biggest Shiva statue in the Saga and the Budanilkantha temple.

After that, travel to Pokhara, a stunning lake city. Where, the serene waters of Phewa Lake reflect the great Annapurna mountain range. Discover the holy Tal Barahi Temple, which is perched on a little island and provides a place of self-analysis and devotion, here. Proceed on your journey to the Shiva temple in the ancient town of Pumdikot. The temple is situated on top of a hill and offers a stunning view of the Pokhara Valley.

But the ultimate destination on your journey is Muktinath, an otherworldly place hiding away between the Himalayas’ snow-capped peaks. Spiritual searchers might find a haven in this sacred place, which is honored by both Buddhists and Hindus. Take a refreshing dip in the pristine 108 holy tap, which is said to wash away your sins. Additionally, the kagbeni in the Mustang region of the Kalingandaki Gorge offer a stunning yet spiritually significant attribute. Kagbeni is well-known for its pitri karya location and saligram stone. To let you know, this is the same location where the stone used to create the ram statues in Aayodhya was taken.

We arrange you to savor the satisfying embrace of vegetarian food during your journey, provided in a hotel specifically designed for vegetarians. Enjoy the tastes of healthful meals that have been carefully prepared. This¬† allow your body and spirit to align with the rhythms of nature. Join us on this life-changing adventure where the soul finds comfort in Nepal’s serene environment and admired traditions. You will experience inner renewal, diversity, tolerance, and the true meaning of spirituality on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.


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