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About this tour

The Himalayan range is a sight to behold, and Everest Base Camp is one of the most coveted destinations for travelers and mountaineers alike. Aside from our Everest base camp trek, the helicopter tour provides an exceptional and breathtaking aerial view of the area. The Everest basecamp helicopter tour is for adventure seekers lacking the time or physical ability to trek Mount Everest. Join loved ones on this luxurious aerial exploration of the Everest region.

The helicopter tour begins in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, where you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the airport. The flight takes off early in the morning, so you can witness the sunrise over the majestic Himalayas. As the helicopter ascends, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the bustling city of Kathmandu, before transitioning into a serene landscape of greenery and mountains.

As you fly higher, the landscape begins to change, and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas come into view. The scenery is truly breathtaking, and the helicopter ride allows you to appreciate the sheer size and beauty of these mountains. This is a completely new experience then that from the ground. The flight will take you through narrow mountain valleys, past rushing rivers, and over glaciers that stretch as far as the eye can see.

After about an hour of flying, the helicopter finally reaches Everest Base Camp. As you approach the base camp, you’ll see the iconic Khumbu Icefall, a treacherous section of Mount Everest. The helicopter will hover over the base camp, giving you an unique and awe-inspiring view of the tents, climbers, and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Breakfast After Everest Basecamp

After spending some time at the base camp, you will land at Hotel Everest View for breakfast after taking in the wide-ranging Himalayan views from above.The Hotel Everest View’s breakfast point reveals stunning views of Mt. Everest, Pumori, Ama Dablam, and other snow-capped peaks.This passionate and enchanting meeting is an experience, not just a story to be told. It’s going to be the most bizarre breakfast you’ve ever had. After an hour of luxury, you’ll take off again for Lukla and return by air to Kathmandu, capping off an incredible journey handpicked by Adventure Series.

Cost Details

1 Person: USD 1250 per person (Sharing) 

 2 Person: USD 1200 per person (Sharing) 

 3 Persons: USD 1175 per person (Sharing)

 4 Persons: USD 1150 per person (Sharing)

Private Helicopter – Up to 3 people: USD 4,900

Private Helicopter – Up to 5 people: USD 5,400 (USD 1080 per person)

Note: We accept both cash and credit card options for the payment. If you use a credit card to make the payment then 4% will be charged as an extra by bank for their service.


Major attractions of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp (5,600 meters)

Everest Base Camp is a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers located at an elevation of 5,600 meters in the Himalayas. It serves as the starting point for climbers attempting to summit Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Heli to Everest Base Camp offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It also allows visitors to experience the unique culture and lifestyle of the Sherpa people who inhabit the region.

Kala Patthar (5,545 meters)

At 5,545 meters, Kala Patthar is a prominent summit close to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Because it provides one of the most amazing panoramic views of Mount Everest and the surrounding peaks, it is a well-liked viewpoint among hikers and climbers. A remarkable and breathtaking experience is created when travelers ascend Kala Patthar early in the morning to see the sunrise over Mount Everest.

Lukla Airport (2,860 meters)

The town of Lukla, Nepal is home to Lukla Airport, also called Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It is a tiny domestic airport. A lot of people rank it as one of the world’s most dangerous airports because of its small runway and difficult terrain. Trekkers and climbers traveling to Everest Base Camp and other Himalayan locations enter through the airport. As the main center for transportation, it links isolated mountain communities with the rest of Nepal.

Everest View Hotel (3,880 meters)

Situated in Nepal’s Sagarmatha National Park at a height of 3,880 meters, the Everest View Hotel offers a luxurious lodging option. It provides breathtaking sweeping views of the whole Himalayan range, which includes the spectacular peaks of Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and Mount Everest. For those who like to take in the grandeur of the mountains without making strenuous excursions, the hotel offers a cozy and scenic stay. It is a well-liked location for those looking for an exceptional and unforgettable Everest experience.


Conclusion of Everest helicopter Tour

The helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp, although undoubtedly an amazing adventure, will surely create a lifetime of memories.. This tour provides a unique and awe-inspiring perspective on the Himalayas, allowing you to witness their beauty in a way that few others have the chance to experience. It is also an excellent way to get up close and personal with the world’s tallest mountain without undertaking the strenuous and potentially dangerous trek to the base camp.

The basecamp heli tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers a breathtaking and unforgettable view of the Himalayas. It is an excellent option for those who may not have the time, physical ability or inclination to trek to the base camp but still want to experience the beauty of this natural wonder. So, if you’re looking for an adventure, a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is definitely worth considering.


Essential safety rules for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour requires you to follow some basic instructions and regulations to ensure your own safety. Though the tour is extremely safe, still these rules help smoothen your experience and provide you a more comfortable environment. Some of these rules are:

  • Always seek permission from the pilot before approaching or walking towards the helicopter.
  • Do not open the windows without prior permission from the pilot.
  • Avoid asking the pilot too many questions that may distract them during the flight.
  • Carry only essential luggage in case of an emergency landing.
  • Avoid jumping to and from the helicopter.
  • Refrain from changing seats while the helicopter is in the air. If you need to change seats, do so only at designated landing places like Lukla or Pheriche.
  • Keep your hands and cameras inside the helicopter at all times while it is in flight.
  • Use cotton wool or cotton pads for added comfort during the flight.
  • Wait for the spinning blades to come to a complete stop before disembarking the helicopter.
  • Do not spit from the helicopter. 
  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed during the flight.


Packing List for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

  • Identification and travel documents
  • Windproof and waterproof jacket
  • Inner and outer layer gloves
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • Personal essentials
  • Snacks and water



  • Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour offers a thrilling experience.
  • It is a great way to see the Himalayas.
  • The tour starts from Kathmandu or Lukla.
  • You will fly over the stunning mountain landscapes.
  • You will see breathtaking views of Everest and its surroundings.
  • You will land at the base camp and take pictures.
  • You will have breakfast at a high altitude.
  • The tour lasts around 4-5 hours.
  • It is a perfect option for those with limited time.
  • It is also ideal for those who cannot trek to the base camp.


  • A helicopter may hold a maximum of five passengers.
  • Airport -Hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • Taxes and an airport boarding pass.
  • Oxygen for a swift helicopter evacuation, if necessary.
  • Hotel Everest View for a 1hour break.
  • The cost of the helicopter flight.
  • 10–15 minute break for photos and videos at Kalapathar View Point.
  • Fuel surcharges and government taxes.
  • International air and visa fees.
  • Brekafast and tea, coffee in Hotel Everest View.
  • Everest entry permit fees.
  • Bar bills and Personal Expenses.
  • Tips and gratitude provided to staff.


Begin your unforgettable Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with a comfortable journey from your hotel to the Kathmandu Airport Helipad. This transfer, planned at 05:30 a.m., ensures that you arrive on time for your flight. As you approach the helipad, your enthusiasm builds, preparing you for the amazing vistas that await. You may be certain that Adventure Series Nepal will handle every detail of your once-in-a-lifetime journey, starting on time with a smooth manner.

You will receive assistance from your guide with luggage and check-in. This procedure makes sure that everything is set up for your airborne adventure. Make sure your tickets and passport are with you. You will be prepared to board the aircraft for Lukla once an airport official has reviewed your paperwork and ticket.

You will take off for Lukla once you have finished all the boarding procedures. The little Sherpa town of Lukla is well-known for possessing one of the world's highest—and riskiest—airports. Tenzin Hillary Airport is located at a height of 2860 metres (9383 feet) perched above a cliff. About 45 minutes pass during the initial trip, which lands at Lukla so the helicopter can be refuelled. Flying into Lukla, the cityscape of Kathmandu disappears and is replaced by the rolling hills of the Himalayas.

Refuelling the helicopter will take about 10-15 minutes. During this time you will be able to witness the beauty of Lukla. You can find many local Sherpa guides and porters waiting for their clients for trek, expeditions. As Lukla is also referred as "gateway to Everest", every journey to Everest begins from here.

After refuelling, a second flight is to Pheriche from Lukla to drop off a few people. The shuttle's weight and passenger count is a primary thing to be kept under control in such higher altitudes to maintain safety. This second landing chance lasts for around fifteen minutes, which is ideal for taking in the breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas, taking some pictures, and taking a few seconds to acclimatise. There are a maximum of five passengers on an Everest Heli tour. This is the situation up till Pheriche. After pheriche, the altitude increases and the maximum number of people allowed is  three per flight (over 4400 metres) and weight around 240 kg including luggage. It takes around two shuttles for a flyover around Kalapatthar(Everest Base Camp). The price is inclusive of only 2 shuttles, and if it requires more than 2 shuttles each additional shuttle cost will be extra. You will be charged $ 500 per extra shuttle (which is shared by the group).  Note: The group participating in the helicopter tour (two or more people) is not permitted to land at Kalapatthar by our government. Only your private trip with one or two persons can land at Kalapatthar if you wish to reserve the Kalapatthar Landing Helicopter trip. We apologize for the news of the inconvenience. We expect that our government will soon grant land in Kalapatthar to groups larger than two individuals.

Following the helicopter tour, you will take a flight to Syanboche, the highest alleviation luxury hotel in the Everest region. For a considerable amount of time, it was the highest altitude hotel in the world, but it is currently ranked second. You will arrive there for tea, coffee, and breakfast. With Mt. Everest facing you, you have the opportunity to have breakfast there. Being seated at a hotel at the highest altitude on Earth and enjoying breakfast while gazing up at the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest, is an unforgettable experience.

There might be a potential stop at Lukla airport for refuelling. Upon your return to Kathmandu, you will have the opportunity to witness the magnificent diversity of landscapes in the Everest region as you overlook Namche Bazaar, Lukla, and Phakding. This thrilling flight will provide you with an unparalleled perspective. Following this exhilarating experience, you will be transported back to your hotel in a comfortable and private vehicle.


3 - 5 hours

Frequently asked questions

During an Everest Base Camp helicopter trip, the height at which a helicopter may fly might vary based on a number of circumstances, including the weather, the performance of the helicopter, and the policies of the particular tour operator. But generally speaking, helicopters traveling to Everest Base Camp will soar between 18,000 and 20,000 feet (5,500 and 6,100 meters) above sea level.

Yeah sure, a single person is more than welcome to join a group for Everest Heli Tour.

Sometimes we can face the difficulty of bad weather. At that point flight can get cancelled and delayed. If the flight gets cancelled due to bad weather, you will have two options. Option one is getting your money refunded and another option is rescheduling your flight for another day. You may choose any of the liable option.

During a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp, you will be flying to relatively high altitudes in a short period of time. While the time spent at those altitudes is generally limited, so basically there is very less possibility of getting altitude sickness but we cannot completely ignore the the fact.

Yes, as a safety precaution and for emergency usage, oxygen tanks are normally supplied on board the aircraft during helicopter travels to Everest Base Camp. An essential safety factor is oxygen availability, particularly when travelling to high elevations where oxygen concentrations are reduced.

You may indeed hire a private heli flight to reach Everest Base Camp. With an itinerary that is specifically tailored to you, we can handle it for you. If you would want to hire a private heli for Everest Base Camp on an alternative schedule, you can email us.

The months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December are the finest months to take an Everest Heli Tour when the views are at their best and the weather is perfect. Though you may do it at any time of year, the most amazing vistas are offered during these months.

Expert pilots who are acquainted with the area weather patterns, geography, and flying problems are assigned to Everest Heli Tours. Pilots follow safety procedures, protocols, and passengers are regularly briefed on safety.

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Awesome Everest Heli Ride

Our experience with Adventure Series Nepal surpassed expectations. The meticulous planning of our helicopter trip and the opportunity to marvel at Everest with my family were truly unforgettable. Kudos to Adventure Series Nepal for turning dreams into reality.

Best Heli Experience

Weather was perfect, scenery so beautiful that could not stop staring the whole journey. Mt. Everest was very beautiful. I think a must go tour if you have limited time and want to experience an immense beauty in a short time.
adan hussel

lifetime adventures

We highly suggest using Adventure Series Nepal to arrange your travel. We had a great time flying over the world's tallest peak, and the pilots are quite skilled. The services, hospitality and accommodation they provide are really impressive. Thanks to the Adventure Series Nepal, my wife and I had an amazing time on the flight.

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